Marine Life, Coral Reef and Sea life -Diptychs and Triptychs - Portraits and Fine Art by Nancy Tilles

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Marine Life, Coral Reef and Sea life -Diptychs and Triptychs


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"Fantastic Journey I, II, and III" - triptych oil on canvas 108" wide x 48" high

Mother and Baby Manatee, Mermaid, Fish, Dolphin, Turtles and Coral

My daughter, Jeannie, posed for me with her arms outstretched and I shot her from above. She became the face of the mermaid.  Fantastic Journey is a more imaginary scene of the ocean than I've done before.  Yet it combines many of the elements I have focused on in the past.  This time the mermaid splits the bait ball.  The turtles are back exploring the reefs and I have painted a mother and baby manatee swimming together for the first time.  This painting was completed in the summer of 2011.

"Sea eScape I and II"  - diptych oil on canvas 96" wide x 36" high

Parrot Fish, Coral, Blue Tang, Sargent Major

In the summer of 2005 I began The Sea eScape Series as completely separate paintings. The paintings were inspired first by a snorkeling trip to Key Largo with my family.

We took several underwater photographs. One of the pictures my husband took inspired me to paint "Sea eScape II". I was intrigued by the way the fish were swimming away from the viewer. The Blue Tang fish were so blue and the bubbles created an interesting pattern. I saw how one fish stood out from the rest, the Sergeant Major, who simply was not in school with the Blue Tang. I called that one "Sea eScape II - Wayward Fish".

"Sea eScape I - Color Queens" was inspired by a photograph that I took of the underwater landscape and the interesting patterns created by the light reflecting off the coral. When I placed the paintings side by side, I realized that they could connect so I transformed them into a diptych. I really enjoyed working with the paint and trying to remember the beautiful colors that I had seen which did not did not translate well in the photographs that we had taken

"Sea eScape III and IV" - diptych oil on canvas 78" wide x 36" high

Hawksbill Turtles, Blue Tang, Brain Coral, underwater sea life

The following summer, 2006, we took several more trips to the keys and I created the next two in the series. The inspiration for these came from a combination of photos and one very special one that my husband took and uses as a backdrop image for his cell phone. Although the Hawksbill Turtle is not a very colorful turtle, it was my desire to push the color to the max and make their shells shine with light. I called them "Sea eScape III - Gemstone Hawksbill Turtle" and "Sea eScape IV - Hawksbill Turtle - Flying Free".  

The entire giclee series measures about 14.5 feet long. There are 5 artist proofs each and a maximum of 49 each will be created in this signed, gallery wrapped, limited edition.

"Sailfish Plunders Baitball" - triptych oil on canvas 9' wide x 4' high

Swordfish Dolphin and Sardines
Sailfish attacks Dolphin, Mahi Mahi, Dorado and splits Baitball
Seals and Killer Whales hunt down and feast on swarming fish

This oil painting was completed in 2010. A study was created first. The triptych is a total of 9 feet long.  The painting illustrates the story of how a Sailfish splits the bait ball chasing Mahi Mahi and plunders its riches.  Marlin, Dolphin, dolphin fish, sharks, seals and whales also share in the ocean's bounty.  Having no first-hand experience with deep sea fishing, I researched from books, videos and the internet. Guy Harvey's wonderful illustrations and photography were a great resource.  

"Coral Reef Life" - triptych oil on canvas 74" wide x 48" high

Sargent Major, Parrot Fish, Blue Tang and Coral Reef art

"Coral Reef Life" was painted in 2013.  In this painting my goal was to capture the decorative feel of the reef fish. Parrot Fish, Sergeant Majors and Blue Tang fill the reefs with color.

Each panel is 24" x 48". Together, the triptych is 48" high x 72" wide. They are available as giclees in any size.

"Sea Folk" - triptych oil on canvas 78" wide x 50" high

Sargent Major, Parrot Fish, Blue Tang and Coral Reef art

"Sea Folk" was painted in oil as a triptych that evolved over a three month period during the summer of 2006. It was again inspired by snorkeling trips to Key Largo. The Parrot Fish fascinate me with their rainbow of colors and the comical look of their faces. The Sergeant Majors were very abundant and striking and the Blue Tang are just gorgeous.

When I began the painting I tried hard to emulate the colors I used in the "Sea eScape" series, which featured very vibrant orange, reds and blues, but every time I would attempt to use these bright colors the painting would cry out against them and I finally gave up and used variations on blues and greens. This worked and the painting came together for me.

This painting has a more whimsical feel to it than most of my other paintings and I am very pleased with the result. Two of the original paintings measure 24" x 50". The middle panel is 28" x 50". Together, the triptych is 6' 4" wide x 50" deep. They are available as giclees in any size.

"Sea Food Chain" - triptych oil on canvas 108" wide x 48" high

Sea Food Chain I - Stingray and yellow tail
Sea Food Chain I - Stingray
36" x 48"
Wide mouthed Stalker Bass or grouper with yellow tail fish
Sea Food Chain II - Stalker
36" x 48"
Yellow Tail Fish feed on Seafood
Sea Food Chain III- Feeding Frenzy
36" x 48"

This painting, completed in 2007, is unusual for me because it is a whole scene under water. Most of my paintings concentrate on single subjects. This painting tells the story of the sea and how every living thing has a purpose and must eat other living things to survive.

The images were inspired first by an underwater photograph I took of the yellow tail snapper feeding on seaweed. The activity reminded me of a kind of food frenzy. I chose the center image because of the patches of sand that reflected the sky above giving it a feeling of a lagoon under water. I carried the yellow tail snapper throughout the three paintings. In the center panel, the fish are being stalked. The one about to be caught has been marked by me with a red tail. The first panel shows a stingray floating high above the sand it usually hides in.

My family and I have been snorkeling in Key Largo now for the past five years. It is such a privilege to have such a treasure in our own "back yard".  Our duty is to enjoy and protect it.??

"Loggerhead Sea Journey" - triptych oil on canvas 108" wide x 48" high

Loggerhead Baby Turtles join adult turtles

"Loggerhead Sea Journey" is forth in my series of multiple paneled paintings inspired by the beauty of our underwater world. In this series baby loggerhead turtles enter the sea in great numbers to join their relatives.

The inspiration for the painting came from a trip to the Loggerhead Marine Life Center of Juno Beach where I photographed rescued loggerhead turtles waiting to be released into the wild. I wanted to show the baby sea turtles from another prospective. They are almost always shown heading toward the water on the beach. The adults act as a focal point for each of the three paintings. If you do not look carefully at the paintings you might mistake the babies for fish.

"Loggerhead Sea Journey" is a triptych of the baby loggerheads joining their relatives in the sea. What I like most about this painting is the concept of hope. The Loggerhead turtles are endangered. In this painting, they are pictured in great numbers. Perhaps, one day, there will be a way to save our ocean's treasures.

My painting (the first panel) was chosen as a finalist for TurtleFest 2009 Poster Contest in Jupiter, Florida.

Each original panel is 36" wide x 48" tall. The entire series measures about 9 feet long. Signed embellished, gallery wrapped, limited editions of 49 giclees on canvas and five artist's proofs of each painting may be created in the original painting's size. Giclees can also be made in custom sizes on canvas or paper, as well.

Seahorse II diptych

"Sea Horse I & II"
diptich oil on canvas 20" wide x 20" high each

"Sea Horse I and II" is part of a series on fish portraits. I researched many seahorses and chose these to paint. I found many other colorful examples. I wanted these particular painted sea horses to appear regal. The original paintings measure 20" x 20" square. They are available as giclees in any size.

Juvenile queen angel fish diptych
Emporer Angelfish diptych with Angelfish

"Juvenile Queen Angelfish & Emporer Angelfish"
Diptich oil on canvas 20" wide x 20" high

Part of a series on fish portraits. The original paintings measure 20" x 20" square. They are available as giclees in any size.

French Angelfish with attitude
sargent major with Emporer Angelfish diptych

"French Angelfish & Sargent Major"
Diptich oil on canvas 20" wide x 20" high

Part of a series on fish portraits. The original paintings measure 20" x 20" square. They are available as giclees in any size.

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