Equestrians with their horses. Oil paintings portraits of children and adults. - Portraits and Fine Art by Nancy Tilles

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Equestrians with their horses. Oil paintings portraits of children and adults.


If you would like to purchase a painting or commission a portrait you can contact me at 561-889-1010 or email me at nancy@nancytilles.com. I would be happy to discuss your ideas with you.

Sheer Determination
40" x 50" OIL PAINTING 2002

This painting won BEST IN SHOW for Women in the Visual Arts Northwood University Show October 2004 and a Special Achievement Award from the Wellington Art Society in 2003,

It was also chosen as the cover for Palms West Almanac 2004 Magazine.

The giclee of the painting was on display for six months in the City of Wellington as part of the Art in Public Places Program beginning in May 2005.

Kelcie Brophy is the young rider that inspired this painting. She must have been between 4 and 6 when my reference pictures were taken. I was taken by her strong will and determination that motivated her to take care of her horse and ride him with such confidence. Kelcie has since become quite an accomplished rider with many awards to her credit.

Painted Pony - Splender in the Grass
40" x 30" OIL PAINTING 2005

"Painted Pony- Splendor in the Grass" was a completely inspired painting. This baby, who belonged to the caretaker of the farm, just sat down in the middle of the field leisurely eating the grass. I was easily able to walk around him taking several pictures to my heart's desire. I had a lot of fun painting him.

Tony and the Minis
40" x 30" OIL PAINTING 2005

This painting called "Tony and the Minis" was a portrait commissioned by a young, very talented, award-winning rider who wanted her favorite horse painted with her pet ponies in a setting of pink orchids. The farm, located in Wellington, Florida, was oddly, very northern-looking. I was actually asked to add the palm tree to give it a more Florida feel.

Cisco at Wild Orchid Farm
40" x 30" OIL PAINTING 2004

For this painting, my husband and I took several photographs Cisco prancing and galloping. I wanted reflected light to create opportunities for me to use color in an exciting way. Of course, I was also looking for the horse's most expressive moment. The horse did not know exactly what we wanted him to do... and neither did we... until we got the perfect shot.

"Cisco at Wild Orchid Farm" was commissioned to celebrate the owners' newly acquired farm and their award-winning horse in a setting of orchids, as the name of the farm implies.

Suzanne and Her Horse
30" x 40" OIL PAINTING 2001

Suzanne participates in many equestrian events and has won numerous ribbons for her riding. She anticipates becoming a veterinarian one day.

Kendall and her horse
24" x 18" OIL PAINTING 2002

Zanzibar Prancing
40" x 30" OIL PAINTING 2003
Zanzibar, a friesian, struts his stuff.
In "Zanzibar Prancing" my client wanted to show off the beauty and strength of her Friesian.

Seibe's Gentle Touch
30" x 40" OIL PAINTING 2003

22" x 28" OIL PAINTING 2001

Samantha Ruttura

40"x50" OIL PAINTING 2008

Samantha is a gifted equestrian who has won many awards for her riding.  This painting was commissioned by her parents to capture her earliest encounter with these great animals.  



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