Portraits of Children with big personalities - Portraits and Fine Art by Nancy Tilles

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Portraits of Children with big personalities


Katie and Mitchell
30" x 40" OIL PAINTING 2003

Katie and Mitchell on their favorite playhouse.

30" x 40" OIL PAINTING 1999-2000

Casey and Allison. Allison holds the world and Casey is reaching for it. They are both apt to achieve their goals.

This painting won the First Place Award in the WellingtonArt Society Zephyr2001

Doorway to Womanhood
24" x 36" OIL PAINTING 2003

"Doorway to Womanhood"

This painting was inspired by my niece. At the young age of 4 she had a presense that I had not witnessed in my own children or my other nieces. She sat on the edge of the bed, turned to look at me, with the afternoon sunlight streaming through the window bathing her face in a warm, rich glow. With great poise, she did not smile looking into the camera with a self-assured dignity that she possesses today. Although she was dressed very casually, I pictured her as a little woman. I sketched her in pencil wearing a white dress, as a flower girl, The white dress could be mistaken for a wedding dress which I pictured she would be wearing one day. When she saw the painting she was not impressed. Her comment was "Aunt Nancy, can you paint me in a tee-shirt?"

Loretta and Her Sisters
18" x 24" OIL PAINTING 2002

Loretta remembers a special time in her life when she was the baby of the family.

A Loving Moment
24" x 18" OIL PAINTING 2002

Brittany with Molly and Pepper
22" x 28" Oil Painting 2003

Beach Shower
16" x 20" OIL PAINTING

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